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Washington, D.C., USA                                                  Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


We Do Not Accept Silence In The Face Of Tyranny

Appeal of the Centers for Pluralism Network

The following appeal was prepared by Civil Society Against Corruption (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) and the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe after the massacre and mass terror in Andijon, Uzbekistan. Sent to the leaders and institutions listed below, it is signed by 1,001civic and political leaders and organizations from throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the U.S. and Western Europe. To add your name to the appeal, write [email protected] with the subject “Uzbek Appeal.”



To: The United Nations, OSCE, U.S. President George W. Bush,
The U.S. Congress, and to Our Uzbek Friends

May 17, 2005

We, the participants in the Network of the Center for Pluralism and friends, coming from over twenty countries from Kyrgyzstan to Serbia and Montenegro and from Lithuania to Crimea, that is, from countries which were under communist dictatorships, are outraged by the recent events in Uzbekistan and by the lack of adequate response from democratic countries.

As democratic activists, former dissidents and oppositionists, journalists, human rights activists, members of parliament and ordinary citizens, we do not accept the Uzbek government explanations that the events were provoked by “Islamic radicals”, and that shooting unarmed women and children is part of the “global war on terrorism.”

We know enough about Uzbekistan to be able to understand unarmed people’s protests against injustice and against dictatorship. We know enough history to remember the millions of people murdered as “Trotskyists” in the Soviet Union. Calling the popular protests “Islamic revolts” is a way to gain the West’s sympathy and silence about torture and relentless persecution of human rights activists and critics of the Uzbek regime.

We appeal to the United Nations to put immediately the Uzbek government repression against its own population on the agenda, to activate different U.N. agencies to act accordingly to their mandate;

We appeal to the OSCE to send immediately observers and monitors to the towns and cities of the Fergana Valley, to the border crossings between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and to Tashkent and larger cities were peaceful demonstrations against the bloody government response are broken up by the security services.

We appeal  to the OSCE to establish an Inquiry Commission to assess the real danger of “Islamic terrorism” in the Fergana Valley (or lack of it).

We appeal to President Bush to give credibility to his words and denounce the Uzbek dictatorship and to understand that the U.S. cannot be a partner, or a friend of a cruel dictatorship. The Uzbek people have the same aspirations and the same rights as the citizens of Georgia, Poland or the U.S.

We appeal to the U.S. Congress to open hearings on the recent events in Uzbekistan, and to condemn the bloodshed of peaceful demonstrators.

We want to tell the Uzbek people:  We know how hard it is to gain freedom and democracy; we know how many sacrifices you have made. We know that you are not standing up for any caliphates, or foreign movements. We know that you are going on the streets because you want to feed your families, because you don’t want millions of educated youngster s to leave every year for Russia and Turkey in search of jobs, because you want to elect your representatives, because you do not want to fear the policeman or the secret agent, because you want simple justice and freedom.
We want to tell you that you have many friends all around the world.


1. Georgi Vanyan, Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives
2. Anahit Bayandur,  Armenian Committee of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly
3. Natalia Martirosyan, Armenian Committee of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly
4. Isabella Sargsyan,“Youth for Democracy” NGO
5. Siranoush Barsegyan, “Youth for Democracy” NGO
6. Stepan Grigorian, “Armat” Center for Democracy and Civil Society Development
7. Armen Grigoryan, “Armat” Center for Democracy and Civil Society Development
8. Soushan Torosyan, Armenian Committee Helsinki Assembly
9. Stephan Danelyan, Collaboration for Democracy

10. Vahid Gazi, INAM Center for Pluralism
11. Firdovsi Jalilova, physicist, Baku
12. Rassim Eminly
13. Isa Gambar, Chairman, Musavat Party, Baku
14. Fuad Hasanov, Human Rights Center "Against Violence", Baku, Azerbaijan
15. Togrul Juvarly,  Turan News Agency, Baku
16. Telman Zeinalov, National Center for Ecological Prognosis
17. Aguil M. Koulizade, Baku
18. Shahla Ismayilova, Women’s Association for Rational Development
19. Gubad Ibadoglu, Economic Research Center
20. Eldar Zeynalov, Human Rights Center, Baku
21. Rashad Shirinov, Youth Atlantic Association
22. Idrak Abbasov, journalist, Baku
23. Prof. F. Aliyev, IE Academy
24. Elgun Tagiev, Youth Organization “Svetskiy Progress”
25. Eldar Ismailov, Center “For the Sake of Civil Society”
26. Tale Shamchiev, EDF
27. Leila Alieva, CNIS, Baku
28. Elgun Taghiyev, Secular Progress Youth Association
29. Laman Yusifova, law student, Baku
30.  Sylvie Brigot  Baku
31. Rena Safaralieva, Transparency International-Azerbayjan, Baku
32. Ruhiyya Jamilli, Sociaty for Democratic Reforms (DIUC)
33. Chingiz Mammadov, Journalist and NED Alumni, Baku
34. Sabit Bagirov, FAR Centre, Baku
35. Israil Isgenderov, “Umid” Humanitarian Center
36. Prof. Niyazi Mehdi, Model Constitutional Court
37. Meherrem Zulfugarli, National Search Association
38. Hafiz Hesenov, Law and Development
39. Arastun Oruclu, German Friedrich Naumann Foundation
40. Annagi Hacibeyli, ALA
41. Ulvi Hakim, Azerbaijani National Democracy Foundation, Baku
42. Intigam Aliyev, Lagal Education Society
43. Ilgar Huseynli, SRAIRU
44. Aytekin Imranova, JDJH
45. Avaz Hasanov, Society for Humanitarian Research
46. Yadigar Mammadli, Democratic Journalists Federation
47. Seadet Cahangirova, - Journalist (BP)
48. Ganira Isgenderova, Lawyer
49. Nahid Canbakhishli, “Olaylar” Information Agency
50. Azad Aliyev, Association of Social Economic Researches
51. Lyaman Javadzade, Youth for Culture of Peace
52. Rasim Ramazanov, "Sigma" Research Centre for Development and International Collaboration
53. Himayat Rizvangizi, Himayadar Humanitarian Organization
54. Azer Ramizoglu,  Caucasus Center for Protection of Conscience and Religious Persuasion Freedom (DEVAMM)
55. Asif Nasibov, Centre for Political & Economic Reforms
56. Mirze Xezer, The Voice of Mirza Xazar Newspaper
57. Bakhtiyar Badalov, Society of Victims of "Human Rights Defenders"
58. Irada Bagirova, Caucasus history Department, National Academy of Sciences-AR
59.  Leyla Yunus, Institute of Pease and Democracy
60.  Mehriban Vezir, The Political and Cultural Center of Azerbaijan Women
61.  Eldar Zeynalov, Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan
62.  Alisafa Mehdiyev, “Quiet World” Research Center
63. Ahmed Abbasbeyli, "Free Voice" Voters's Rights Defense Center
64. Rasim Musabekov , Musavat Party
65. Isakhan Ashurov, Lawyer
66. Tahir Pasha, Association of War Veterans Journalists
67. Samara Seidova, Lawyer
68. Azer Islam, “YOX” Movement
69. Neriman Qasimoglu, Center of Religion and Democracy
70.  Mammad Suleymanov, Journalist
71. Elman Mustafazade,  Holland
72. Hijran Aliyeva, Azerbaijani Information Center in Poland
73. Prof.dr. Saleh Memmedov
74. Asker Ahmed, politologist
75. Ali Ibrahimov, DOETINCHEM , Holland
76. Seadet Mehdiyeva, “New Generation” Ganja branch of the Union of Azerbaijan Journalists
77. Rufat Aliyev, Debate Center
78. Novella Jafarova, Association for the Protection of Women's Rights after D.Aliyeva
79. Anar Mammadli, Election Monitoring Center
80. Eldaniz Yusibov, World Union of Azerbaijan Political Immigrants
81. Rufat Garagezli - director of ADAM Center for Social Research
82. Azay Guliev, President National NGO Forum

83. Yegana Mehdi
84. Lieven Naessens

85. Vincuk Via?orka, Chairman Belarusan Popular Front “Adradžennie”, Minsk

86. Maria Velikhova

87. Ria Holcak, CHRT

88. Stojan Obradovic, Stina Press Agency,  Split

Czech Republic
89. Petra Prokhazkova, correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan
90.   Jaromir Stetina, Senator of Parliament of Czech Republic
91. Aureliusz Marek Pedziwol, journalist, Cesky Tesin
92. Jana Hradilkova, Zbuzany
93. Jaroslav Hutka,artist, Prague
94. Lucie Szymanowska, translator, Karlovy Vary
95. Rachel Mikos, translator, Prague
96. Martin Tharp, university lecturer, Prague
97. Nicolas Maslowski, political scientist, Prague

98. Ilyas Akhmadov, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Denmark and Greenland
99. Peter W. U. Appel Senior Research Scientist Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

100. Sven von der Ohe

101. Tunne Kelam, MP
102. Mari-Ann Kelam, former MP
103. Valeri Kalabugin, Estonian Institute for Human Rights, World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples, Tallinn
104. Kristin Tehvan, Tallinn
105. Dagni Tehvan, Tallinn
106. Frederik Tehvan, Tallinn
107. Evi Kasu, Tallinn
108. Ain Korsen, Tallinn
109. Lagle Parek, founder of the Estonian National Independence Party, Tallinn
110. Lauri Vahtre, Tallinn
111.  Liliya Ivanchenko anti-trafficking project coordinator, Tallinn

112. Heimo Rantala,  The Helsinki Group of Finland

113. Mustafa Alinca, Strasbourg

114. Fridon Sakvarelidze, Center for Development and Cooperation, Tbilisi
115. Ivlian Haindrava, CDC-CfP, Georgian Parliament, Georgia
116. Prof. Dr. George Khutsishvili, Chairman of Board and Founding Director International Centre on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN), Tbilisi
117. Ghia Nodia, The Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, Tbilisi
118. Guram Abashidze, Tbilisi
119. Zurab Sparsiashvili, Tbilisi
120. Tsovinar Nazarova, People's Harmonious Development Society, Tbilisi
121.   Manana Tevzadze, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. Tbilisi
122.   Gia Jandieri, NESG

123. Dr. Raoul Motika, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg
124. Andrea Dietrich
125. Stephan Doempke, People and Nature

126. Nicola Dell'Arciprete, Transnational Radical Party, Italy

127. Prof. Nurbulat Masanov, President of Independent News Agency “Politon”, President of Kazakstan’s Political Science Association, Almaty
128. Murat Narkulov,  young human rights group,  Shymkent
129. Anatoliy Ivanov,  political correspondent of  “Accandi-times”

130. Tolekan Ismailova, Human rights center “Citizens against corruption”, Bishkek
131. Abdunazar Mamatislamov, PF “Youth Group”, Jalalabad
132. Raya Kadyrova,  Foundation for Tolerance International, Bishkek
133. Alisher Toksonbaev, Foundation of Mass Media Development and
Journalist’s Rights Protection, Osh
134. Barchynai Tabaldieva, Women rights organization “Jyparisa”, Osh
135. Anna Makarova, PF “Accent”, Tyup
136. Yakub Joldoshev, PF “Tashtar-Ata”, Nookat
137. Aigul Orunbaeva PF “Ekoshkola”, Nookat
138. Rustam Ryskulov, PF “Ushr”,  Nookat
139. Kubanychbek Baimurzaev, PF “Yshkyboz”, Nookat
140. Shaimardan Abdullayev, PF “Jashyl Duyno”, Nookat
141. Kutbidin Momunov, PF “Meder+”, Nookat
142. Khamida Hoshimova,  PF “?+Shukur”, Nookat
143. Akram Kambarov  PF  “Nookat Taby”, Nookat
144. ?bdukhalim Dadabaev,  PF “Triumfator”, Nookat
145. Mukhtar Abdullaev, PF “Top-Terek-Ata”, Nookat
146. Miraziz Madmarov, PF  “Your rights”, Nookat
147. Erkin Toktoshov, PF “Alakan Too”, Nookat
148. Ainagul Seyitbekova, PF “Kafala”, Nookat
149. Baktygul Temirova, PF “Give chance”,  Nookat
150. Urayimjan Mamanov, PF “Shindant”, Nookat
151. Kurbanali Osmonov,  “Soop  kochu”, Nookat
152. Kerim Konurbaev, PF “Kinema”, Nookat
153. Bualima Ibragimova, PF “Faiz”, Nookat
154. Abdurakhman Minbaev, PF “Charbadar”, Nookat
155. Akbar Kadyrov, PF “Besh-Tal”, Nookat
156. Gulbarhan Supotaeva, PA “Gulzeinep”, Sary-Kamysh
157. Sagynbek Mombekov, national singer
158. Sartbay Jaichibekov, Human rights NGO “Pravo i  ludi”, Aksy
159. Asel Tagaeva, Kyrgyzstan Community and Business Forum, Bishkek
160. Aigul Apysheva,  researcher
161. Islamov Tursun, human rights organization “Democracy” and Uigur community, KGZ
162. Nurbubu Kerimova, PF “Danko”, Balykchi
163. Dola Arsybasheva,     civic activist, Chyi oblast
164. Atyrkul Alisheva, Institute of Regional Study
165. Kalia Moldogazieva, The Tree of Life
166. Sapar Orozbakov, Economist
167. Asylbek Ismailov, Independent journalist
168. Mamat Amanovich, Office of Ombudsman
169. Uchkun Sakilov, activist, Barskoon
170. Erkingul imankojoeva, NGO «KAREK», Barskoon
171. Baktygul Imankojoeva, Barskoon
172. Rovshan Gapirov,   NGO «Justice-Truth», Kara-Su
173. Tatyana Musabaeva, the NGO “CELS” Director, Bishkek
174. Sanuya Sagnayeva, senyor analist, Bishkek
175. Lira Ismailova, human right activist, Bishkek

176.  Heringa Bliudziute, member of the Board of the Lithuanian Treaty Association

176.  Dr.Narangerel Rinchin, former member of the National Parliament, head of the
177.  Committee on Social policy of National Parliament, member of the Steering Committee of the CIVITAS International
178.  Altansarnai Buyanhishig, Executive director of the Center for Citizenship Education(CCE)
179.  Zurgaanjin, principal of School #2, Govisumber aimag (state)
180.  Morondelger, trainer, teacher of School #1 of HBouvsgol aimag
181.  Gantomor, trainer of the CCE
182.  Battumur, trainer from Bulgan aimag
183.  Baasankhuu, trainer from Tuv aimag
184.  Battsetseg, trainer from Nalaih district of Ulaanbaatar
185.  Amarbayasgalan, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
186.  Tsengel, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
187.  Altantsetseg, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
188.  Enkhjargal, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
189.  Batjargal, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
190.  Bayarjargal, trainer from Govi-Sumber
191.  Ganbold, trainer from Zavhan
192.  Gantulga, trainer from Govi-Altai
193.  Buyan, trainer from Erdenet
194.  Gantsetseg, trainer from Dornogovi
195.  Ariungerel, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
196.  Ugantsetseg, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
197.  Yamakhai, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
198.  Nyamjav, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
199.  Shurentsetseg, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
200.  Tungalag-Oyun, trainer from Ulaanbaatar
201.  Amarsaihan, trainer from Darhan
202.  Monkhbayar, trainer from Dundgovi

203. Aleksander Gleichgewicht President of Vishegrad Festival, member of Council of   Norwegian Helsinki Committee
204.  Ane Tusvik Bonde, Human Rights House Foundation, Oslo,

205. Zbignew Romaszevski ,  Senator
206. Agnieszka Romaszewska –Guzy, journalist
207. Dr. Jacek Kucharczyk, Director for Programming,  Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw,
       Danuta Lagodzinska Hanczyc, Oswiecim
208. Teresa Bochwic, journalist, Warsaw
209. Hanna Harasimowicz-Grodecka, journalist, Warsaw
210. Katarzyna Borun-Jagodzinska, Warsaw
211. Danuta Lagodzinska Hanczyc, Oswiecim
212. Tomasz Pisula
213. Maria Mrozinska

214.  Smaranda ENACHE, Co-Chair,  LIGA PRO EUROPA, Tirgu Mures
215.  Luminita Petrescu, President of the Foundation for Pluralism, Bucharest
216.  Iulia Badaluta, Political Science, Bucharest,

217. Elena Bonner, Russia/USA
218. Igor Jordan, editor of, St. Petersburg
219. Yuri Dzhibladze, Center for Development of Democracy and Human Rights, Moscow
220. Nina Sologub, St. Petersburg, Russua
221. Tatiana Dorutina, The League of women voters of St. Petersburg, Russia

222. Miljenko Dereta, Director, Civic Initiatives, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
223. Dubravka Velat, Director of Training, Civic Initiatives, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

224. Martin Butora, former Ambassador to the United States, Honorary President
        Institute   for Public Affairs, Bratislava
225. Juraj Gyarfas, Bratislava

South Africa
226. Eric Muragana, Communications Associate , CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Johannesburg

227. Dodarbek Saidaliev, Civil Society Support Centre "Shahrvand", Kulyab
228. Farroukhsho Djounaidov,  Legal Counsel Internews Network
229. Musharaf Hasanova, PA “Paivanda Sharhvandi”, Kanibadam

230. Kolakova Gulya, student at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek

231. Ivan Lozowy, President of Institute of Statehood and Democracy, Kyiv
232. ?htem C?ngoz, chairman, Reg?onal Medjl?s, Bakhcisaray, Crimea
233. Dilyara Seytvelieva, president, “Teachers` Council”, Crimea
234. Ayder Muzhdaba, Crimean Centre of Political Researches, Kyiv
235. Anna Opanasyuk, Kyiv

236. David McDuff, London, U.K.

237. Irena Lasota, Institute of Democracy in Eastern Europe, Washington
238. Eric Chenoweth, IDEE, Washington
239. Helen Toth, Associate Director  International Affairs, American Federation of Teachers,    Washington, DC
240. Elizabeth Layton, Acquisitions librarian, AMEAS, Library of Congress, Washington
241. Rahim Salayev, California
242. Miguel Angel Olmos, Los Angeles
243. Professor Rein Taagepera, School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine
244. Heather Olsen, Washington
245. Matteo Mecacci, UN Representative, Transnational Radical Party ,  New York
246.Cecelia Lynch, Associate Professor Department of Political Science, University of California, Irvine
247.Anthony Wilson, Washington, D.C.

248. Tulkin Karaev
249. Alexandr Gamirov, Uzbekistan
250. Almaz Kydyrova, Uzbekistan
251. Muborak Tashpulatova, Uzbekistan

Group Signatures
252 – 602.   Romania: 350 members of the Liga Pro Europa, Tirgu Mures
602 – 964.   Kyrgyzstan: 200 unemployed youth; 150 people from the Human Rights organization “Democracy”; 12 human rights activists from “Youth Group”
964 – 974.   Uzbekistan : 10 people from the “Women Resource Center”
974 -984.     Georgia: 10 members of the CDC-CFP
984– 1001.  Armenia: 10 members of “Youth for Democracy” and 7 members of Armenian Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly