Red Carpet, Silence, and Crime

Europe is preparing to welcome Vladimir Putin in Paris, despite the fact that the war in Chechnya continues, dirty and cruel. Every day, young Russian soldiers die, but twenty times more Chechens die, primarily women and children. Winter is again returning, adding to the sense of hopelessness and despair of the defiant population condemned to drift in its ravaged capital, annihilated towns and mined lands, deprived of all the necessities of life, exposed to bombardments, random shootings, tortures and mass executions. As in Kosovo half the population has fled to camps (in neighboring Ingushetia) where nothing has been prepared for another winter.

Putin will explain with great pleasure that the Russian army is doing what it must and that Europe must support its crusade against "international terrorism."

We fear that, except for a few critical whispers that will soon be forgotten, the silence of our representatives will only strengthen Putin in his murderous determination.

We are afraid that short term calculations will lead to the barter of the martyrdom of a whole nation for the triumph of the great petroleum deal that Mr Prodi is negotiating: will gas in exchange for blood be the last word of European civilization?

Russia is part of Europe. We owe it friendship, and thus we owe it truth, we owe it real help, not just the kind that fills private accounts.

Mr. Milosevic learned the bitter lesson of the basic minimum that now governs the coexistence on our continent: no more colonial wars, no more massacres of the civilian population, no ethnic purges. Mr Putin, it's time to clarify for you that these rules apply to all, big leaders and small.

It is necessary to speak to the president of Russia, regardless of whether he owes his election to war or to fraud. But one has to speak clearly and precisely, with eyes wide open and cards on the table. And, if possible, with a touch of generosity for the victims; after all morality and realism are still an obligation.

We appeal to Jacques Chirac, President of the European Union, and to the heads of state of the European Community that they publicly and clearly prompt Mr Putin to:

--respect international conventions and signed agreements;

--open his country without a delay to humanitarian assistance and international observers;

--establish an immediate cease fire;

--and open talks with the elected president of the Chechen Republic Aslan Maskhadov.

The survival of a nation is at stake. Crimes against humanity do not have a statute of limitation. Silence kills.

1. Ackermann Galia and Samuel (Journalists. France)
2. Ackermann Ulrike (Writer, Germany)
3. Adamesteanu Gabriela (Director. "22", Romania)
4. Adjani Isabelle (Actress, France)
5. Adornato Ferdinando (Fondation"Liberal", Italy)
6. Adelus Vincent (Actor, Germany)
7. Adrien Philippe (Theater Director, France)
8. Aeberhard Patrick (expdt MDM France)
9. Aimé Anouk (Actor, France)
10. Akmadulina Bella (PENclub Russia)
11. Alcalay Ammiel (Writer, Croatia)
12. Alexandrescu Sorin (Writer, Romania)
13. Alexievitch Svandlana (Writer, Belarus)
14. Aliu Ali (Academician, Kosovo)
15. Altosaar Aimar (MP, Estonia)
16. Andreff Wladimir (University Professor, France)
17. Artmann Hans C. (Writer, Austria)
18. Arthur Danielle (Amnesty, France)
19. Atten Michel (Historian, France)
20. Aubrac Lucie and Raymond
21. Auroi Danielle, (MEP )
22. Avedon Richard (Photographer USA)
23. Avineri Shlomo (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
24. Babitsky Andreï (Journalist, Russia)
25. Bach Inka (Writer, Germany)
26. Basha Egrem (Writer, Kosovo)
27. Bacheland Rémi (University Professor, France)
28. Balibar Andienne (Philosopher.France)
29. Bannier François Marie (Writer, France)
30. Baratta comtesse (Actress, Austria)
31. Barkan Ahmed (Writer, Turkey)
32. Baszanger Isabelle (Historian, France)
33. Beauthier Georges Henri (Lawyer, LIDH, Belgium)
34. Begolli Faruk (Actor, Kosovo)
35. Bennigsen Marie (Historian, UK)
36. Berchea Radu (Director, Inst. Andudes orientales, Romania)
37. Berisha Anton (University Professor, Pristina, Kosovo)
38. Biermann Wolf (Poet, Germany)
39. Berendei Mihna (Historian, France)
40. Bensaïd Daniel (Philosopher ,France)
41. Bernea Horea (Painter, Romania)
42. Bicaj Muhamand (University Professor, Pristina, Kosovo)
43. Birkin Jane (Actress, France)
44. Bitov Andrei (PEN club, Russia)
45. Blatnik Andrej (Penclub, Slovenia)
46. Boulez Pierre (Composer, France)
47. Boisrouvray du Albina (France)
48. Bonner Elena, vve Sakharov. (Russia)
49. Boukovski Vladimir (Historian, UK/Russia)
50. Boumedienne Thierry Alina (MEP)
51. Bourand Thamar (Amnesty, France)
52. Brandh Andrea ( Theatre Director, Austria)
53. Brezna Irena (Writer, Switzerland)
54. Brumlik Micha (Professor, Germany)
55. Brachand Olivier (France)
56. Bruckner Pascal (Writer. France)
57. Bruhns Hinmerck ( Sociologist. France)
58. Buch Hans Christoph (Writer .Germany)
59. Buey Francisco Fernandez (Philosopher, Spain)
60. Burbank Jane (Historian, USA)
61. Burgelin Claude (University Professor, France)
62. Burgelin Béatrice (Writer, France)
63. Burnier, Michel Antoine (Writer. France)
64. Buro Andreas (Spokesman, Committee for Rights and Democracy)
65. Bzidist Pascal (Historian. France)
66. Cai chung guo (Federation for Democracy in China)
67. Caraciolo piero (Writer, Italy)
68. CARRE John le (Writer. UK.)
69. Cardini Franco (Historian, Italy)
70. Carneci Magda (Writer, Romania)
71. Cataldi Anna( U.N .messenger)
72. Cazzola Giulian (Economist, Italy)
73. Charachidzé Georges (Caucasus Specialist, France)
74. Chatzis Constantinos (Historian, France)
75. Chelkovsky Igor (Sculptor, France/Russia)
76. Chéreau Patrice (Filmmaker, France)
77. Chesnais Jean Claude (Historian. France)
78. Ciocarlie Livius (Writer, Romania)
79. Cohen Jean Louis (Historian, France)
80. Cohen Yves (Historian, France)
81. Cohn Bendit Daniel (Member, European Parliament)
82. Colombel Jeannandte (Philosopher .France)
83. Colorni Renata (Editor, Italy )
84. Colpart Sonia (Historian, France)
85. Cornea Andrei (Philosopher, Romania)
86. Corneau Alain (Filmmaker. France)
87. Cosic Bora (Writer, Germany)
88. Costil jean (Pastor, Cimade, France)
89. Coudenhove-Kalergi, Countess (Journalist, Austria)
90. Cruz Manuel (Philosopher, Spain)
91. Culla i Clara Joan (Historian, Esp)
92. Curman Pander (Writer , Sweden)
93. Daenninckx Didier (Writer, France)
94. Daci Nixhat (Academician, Kosovo)
95. Daci Selim (Historian, Kosovo)
96. Daniel jean (Director."Nouvel Observateur" France)
97. Daix Pierre (Writer. France)
98. Dallemagne georges (Senator, Belgium)
99. Davies Norman (Historian, UK)
100. Deduline Serge (Journalist, France/Russia)
101. Decroisandte Françoise (Historian, France)
102. Delaunay Sonia (France/Russia)
103. Dhoquois Régine and Guy (University Professors, France)
104. Dorronsoro Gilles (Political Scientist, France)
105. Dranqolli Jahja (Historian, Kosovo)
106. Durdevic Milos (Writer, Croatia)
107. Donner Willi (Philosopher. Austria)
108. Dolay Nur (Journalist, Turkey)
109. Douglas Thomas (Actor, Switzerland)
110. Dufourt Renée (Philosopher, France)
111. Duhamel Olivier (MEP.)
112. Dünsser Crescentia (Theater Director, Switzerland)
113. Edelman Marek (Resistance Leader, Warsaw Ghetto, Poland)
114. Egele Martine (Historian. France)
115. Eliassen knut Ove (Philosopher, Norway)
116. Endriukaitis Algirdas (MP, Lithuania)
117. Ensaroglu Yilmaz,Mazlum-der (President, Solidarity for the Oppressed, Turkey)
118. Erb Elke (Writer, Germany)
119. Elgvin Christan (Photographer, Norway)
120. Erofeev Victor (PENclub Russia)
121. Esterer Gesa (Journalist, Germany)
122. Fainberg Victor (Russia/France)
123. Fairbanks Charles (John Hopkins University, USA)
124. Farhi Moris (Writer, UK)
125. Faust Siegmar (Writer, Germany.)
126. Feigelson Kristian (Sociologist. France)
127. Flores d'Arcais paolo (Philosopher, Italy.)
128. Fernandez Buey Francisco (Philosopher, Spain)
129. Fejzullah Sabri (Actor, Kosovo)
130. Fischer Michael W. (Philosopher, Austria)
131. Flautre Helène (MEP)
132. Foa Renzo (Politician, Italy)
133. Follini Marco (President CCD Parliamentary Group, Italy)
134. Follin Anne (Writer, Germany.)
135. Forgacs Pander (Filmmaker , Hungary)
136. Fosser Per. E. ( Theater Director, Norway)
137. Fournel Jean Louis (Professor France)
138. Franck Dan (Writer, France)
139. Gahl Christoph (Writer, Germany)
140. Garcia Espuche Albert (Architect, Spain)
141. Gebert Konstanty ( "Gazanda", Poland)
142. Gilbert Philippe (Researcher, France)
143. Ginzburg Arina and Alexandre (Journalists France/Russia)
144. Giraud Sauveur (Historian, France)
145. Gjergeku Enver (Academician, Kosovo)
146. Glucksmann André (Philosopher. France)
147. Godard Jean Luc (Filmmaker , Switzerland)
148. Goma Paul (Writer, Romania)
149. Gorbanevskaïa Natalia (Poet France/Russia)
150. Goupil Romain (Filmmaker, France)
151. Goytisolo Juan (Writer, Spain)
152. Grass Helène, (Actress, Switzerland)
153. Gratchev Aliona and Andreï ( former Spokesman, Gorbachev, Russia)
154. Greggory Pascal (Actor, France)
155. Grigoriantz Alexandre (Writer, France/Russia)
156. Griesebach Anna (Actress, Switzerland)
157. Grosfeld Irena (CNRS, France)
158. Grumbach Philippe (Journalist, France)
159. Guyot Elizabandh (Lawyer, France)
160. Halimi Halit (Professor Pristina, Kosovo)
161. Hagen Eva Maria (Actress, Germany)
162. Hansen Vootele (MP ,Estonia)
163. Hassner Pierre (Political Scientist, France)
164. Havel Ivan (Philosopher. Czech Republic)
165. Hatzfeld Nicolas (Historian. France)
166. Haus Heinz Uwe (Theater Director, Germany.)
167. Heinrichs Uwe (Theater Publicist, Switzerland)
168. Hendricks Barbara (Singer, USA)
169. Henry Jacqueline (Historian USA)
170. Herkel Andres (MP, Estonia)
171. Hermann Rahel (Stage Manager, Switzerland)
172. Hertzinger Richard (Philosopher, Germany.)
173. Hertzog Gilles (Editor, France.)
174. Hewitt George (Professor, London Univ. UK.)
175. Hillermann Tony (Writer, USA)
176. Hirsch Helga (Journalist, Germany)
177. Hudecek Joze (penclub, Slovenia)
178. Hyseni Agim (University Professor. Pristina, Kosovo)
179. Holzman Marie (China Expert, France)
180. Hysa Fadil (Theater Director, Kosovo)
181. Hysaj Ylber (Journalist Kosovo)
182. Ianucci Hugo (Lawyer, France)
183. Inkrand Andrej (Penclub, Slovenia)
184. Islami Hivzi (Academician, Kosovo)
185. Isler-Beguin ( France)
186. Jaubert Alain (Filmmaker. France)
187. Jelinek Elfriede (Writer, Austria)
188. Jensen Kjell Olaf (President, Pen Club, Norway)
189. Jorgensen Sten Inge (Journalist Norway)
190. Joxe Alain (Sociologist, France)
191. Jucker Urs (Actor, Switzerland)
192. Julliard Jacques (Historian, France)
193. Juniku Neki (University Professor, Pristina, Kosovo)
194. Kadare Ismail (Writer, Albania)
195. Kadri Mandaj (Philosopher, Kosovo)
196. Kamberi Neriman (Writer, Kosovo)
197. Kane Pascal (Filmmaker, France.)
198. Karjadiu Abdullah (Professor Pristina, Kosovo)
199. Kaver Jüri (MP, Estonia)
200. Kelam Mari-Ann (MP, Estonia)
201. Kerecuk Nadia (Historian, UK)
202. Klajnberg Veronique (Magistrate, France)
203. Kleier Freya (Writer .Germany.)
204. Knoll Reinhold (Sociologist, Austria)
205. Koch Miremond Lydie (Researcher, France)
206. Koenen Gerd (Historian. Germany)
207. Kotkas Kalev (MP ,Estonia)
208. Kovac Edvard (Penclub, Slovenia)
209. Krasniqi Islam (Professor Pristna, Kosovo)
210. Krasniqi Shemsi (Sociologist, Kosovo)
211. Krasnovsky George (Journalist, France/Russia)
212. Krasztev Pander(Central European University, Budapest,.Hungary)
213. Kravos Marko (penclub, Slovenia)
214. Kovaliev Serguei (MP, Russia)
215. Krivocheine Nikita (Writer, Russia)
216. Krohn Tim (President, Writers Union, Switzerland)
217. Krougli Lev (Actor, Russia)
218. Kukla Otto (Theater Director, Switzerland)
219. Kullashi Muhamedin (Writer, Kosovo)
220. Kupcinskas Rytas (MP, Lithuania)
221. Kuron Jacek (MP Poland)
222. Kutlu Cemal Tarik (Historian, Turkey)
223. La Capria Raffaelle (Writer Italy.)
224. Lachaize J.P. (CIMADE, France)
225. Lambron Marc (Writer, France)
226. Lanning Greg (Actor U.K.)
227. landau Alain (Researcher, France)
228. Lanzmann Jacques (Writer, France.)
229. Lasota Irena (President, Inst. for Democracy in East Europe, USA)
230. Lavoisy Olivier (Sociologist, France)
231. Lavoisy Sylvain (Historian, France)
232. Lebris Michel (Writer, France)
233. Lentin André and Laurence, (Linguist, France)
234. Levy Bernard Henri (Philosopher, France)
235. Liiceanu Gabriel (Philosopher, Romania)
236. Lipiandz Alain (MP, France)
237. Liu Qing (President, Human Rights in China)
238. London Françoise (Filmmaker, France)
239. Longuand-Marx Frederique (Caucasus Specialist, France)
240. Lunonja Fatos (Writer, Albania)
241. Lucken Christophe r (Professor, France)
242. Luif Anna (Filmmaker, Switzerland)
243. Luoto Pauliina (Penclub, Finland)
244. Maass Ekkehard (Sociologist, Germany.)
245. Madison Smart Bell (Writer USA)
246. Mallinen Jukka (Penclub, Finland)
247. Maliqi Shkelzen (Journalist, Kosovo)
248. Mamère Noël (MP, France)
249. Mandrillon Marie Helène (CNRS, France)
250. Manker Paulus (Actor, Austria)
251. Maraini Toni (Writer, Italy)
252. Marchis Justin (Priest, Romania)
253. Margweloshwili Giwi (Writer. Germany)
254. Marshall Tonie (Filmmaker, France)
255. Marskham Kika (Actress, UK)
256. Markowicz André (Russian Translator, France)
257. Martin Marko (Writer, Germany.)
258. Martino Antonio (former Minister, Italy)
259. Marzano Antonio (Senator, Italy)
260. Masse Colandte (CIMA, Germany, France)
261. Mavrigi Ramush (Philosopher, Kosovo)
262. Menasse Robert (Writer, Austria)
263. Mendiluce José Maria (MP. Spain)
264. Mengeband Julis (Neumarkt Theater, Switzerland)
265. Mespouland Martine (Demographer, France)
266. Mialand Bandty (Editor, France)
267. Michnik Adam (Director."Gazandta" Poland)
268. Michalon Yves (Editor. France)
269. Mieville Anne Marie (Filmmaker, Switzerland)
270. Minköz Yavuz (MP, Turkey)
271. Miquel Jacques (Lawyer, France)
272. Mortier Gerard (Director Salzburg Festival, Austria)
273. Mongin Olivier (Director "Esprit" France.)
274. Miandtinen Fosser Mariane (Professor, Finland)
275. Moravia Fondation
276. Morvan Françoise (Historian. France)
277. Mouradian Claire (Historian, France)
278. Mulla Xhyldane (Sociologist, Kosovo)
279. Müller Hans PanGermanyr (Actor, Austria)
280. Murer Fredi (Filmmaker, Germany)
281. Nahoum Grappe Véronique (Sociologist, France)
282. Ndiaye Pap (Historian, France)
283. Neudeck Rupert (Director "Capanamur", Germany)
284. Nerdrum Anne (Amnesty France)
285. Nikolchina Miglena (Philosopher Bulgaria)
286. Noack Steffen (Professor, Germany)
287. Nordgren Elizabandh (Penclub, Finland)
288. Nordman Lucien (Psychologist,  France)
289. Novak Boris A. (Penclub, Slovenia)
290. Nuhiu Vessel (Professor Pristina, Kosovo)
291. Obonya Cornelius (Actress, Austria)
292. Ophüls Marcel (Filmmaker, France)
293. D'orgeval Martin (Art Critic, France)
294. Oertel Barbara (East European Specialist, "Tageszeintung", Germany)
295. Oisteanu Andrei (Scientific Researcher, Romania)
296. Orlov Oleg ( Writer , Russia)
297. Oroveanu Anka (Director New Europe College, Romania)
298. Orth Elizabandh (Actress, Austria)
299. Osbonne Michael (Historian University of California USA)
300. Otonkoski Laurii (Penclub, Finland)
301. Oumarou Narey (University of Geneva,. Switzerland)
302. Özay Senith (Lawyer, Turkey)
303. Paczowski Bohdan (Architect, Poland)
304. Padis Marc Olivier ("Esprit", France)
305. Palade Rodica (Writer, Romania)
306. Pannella Marco (President, Radical Party, Italy)
307. Pärnamäe Ingvar (former Minister, Estonia)
308. Patackas Algirdas (MP, Lithuania)
309. Patapievici Horia Roman (Philosopher, Romania)
310. Perjovschi Dan (Journalist, Romania)
311. Perle Richard (American Enterprise Institute, USA)
312. Perrot Michelle (Historian, France)
313. Pandroni Antonio (University Professor, Italy)
314. Pipes Richard (Harvard, USA)
315. Pliouchtch Leonid (Mathematician, France/Ukraine))
316. Podrimja Ali (Poet, Kosovo)
317. Politkovskaia Anna (Journalist, Russia)
318. Ponorac Dragica (Croatia)
319. Ponthus Marc (Composer, USA)
320. Porte Jean Louis (Filmmaker, France)
321. Preda Christian (Politician, Romania)
322. Pradal François (Director, Teachers International. France)
323. Pristavkine Anatoly (PENclub Russia)
324. Pystynen Tiina (Penclub, Finland)
325. Rabine Oscar (Painter, France/Russia)
326. Raifi Mensur (University Professor, Pristina, Kosovo)
327. Ramoneda Josep (Philosopher, Spain)
328. Raj Kapil (Historian. France)
329. Rajk Laszlo (Hungary)
330. Rathenow Lutz (Writer, Germany)
331. Raud Rein (Pen Club ,Estonia)
332. Rasmussen Anne (Historian, France)
333. Redgrave Vanessa (Actress, UK.)
334. Redgrave Corin (Actor, UK)
335. Reiter Ursula (Actress, Switzerland)
336. Reka Blerim (Lawyer, Kosovo)
337. Resandarits Willi (Musician, Austria)
338. Revel Jean François (Philosopher, France)
339. Rexhepagic Jashar (Academician, Kosovo)
340. Ribes Anne and JP (Journalists, France)
341. Richard Nathalie (Actress, France)
342. Rigoulot Pierre (Historian, France)
343. Robel Gilles (University Professor. France.)
344. Rothstein Klaus (President, Penclub, Denmark)
345. Rinaldi Angelo (Writer, France)
346. Rohr Daniel (Actor, Switzerland)
347. Roman Joel ("Esprit", France)
348. Rudolph Ekkehard (Writer, Germany)
349. Rubert de Ventos xavier (Philosopher, Esp)
350. Rumessen Vardo (MP, Estonia)
351. Rupnik Jacques (Political Scientist, France)
352. Ruhs August (Psychologist,  Austria)
353. Saandre Espen Mineur (Editor Norway)
354. Salihu Astrit (Philosopher, Kosovo)
355. Salimi Khalid ("Samora Magazin", Norway)
356. Sammler christa (Architect, Germany)
357. Sander Otto (Actor, Germany)
358. Sanguinandti Antoine (Admiral, France)
359. Savater Fernando (Philosopher, Spain)
360. Scarpellini Attilio (Writer, Italy.)
361. Schedlich Bosilka (Director,"South East European Culture")
362. Schindel Robert (Writer, Austria)
363. Schneider Pander (Writer , Germany)
364. Schollak Sigmar (Writer, Germany)
365. Schoulgin Eugène (President, Pen club for Imprisoned Writers, Sweden)
366. Schramme Thomas (Philosopher, Germany)
367. Schubert Helga (Writer, Germany)
368. Schuller Gunther (Composer USA)
369. Schwartz Laurent (Mathematician, France)
370. Schwenger Hannes (Writer, Germany)
371. Scianna Fernandino (Photographer, Italy.)
372. Sebbar Leila (Writer, France)
374. Seidel Eberhard (Director "Tagespiegel", Germany)
375. Sekel Abdul-Atif (MP, Turkey)
376. Seitter Walter (Philosopher, Germany)
377. Sejunnas Algimants (MP, Lithuania)
378. Sell Maren (Editor, France)
379. Selby Hubert (Writer USA)
380. Seweryn Andreij (Actor France/Poland)
381. Shehu Bashkim(Writer, Albania)
382. Sherman Russel (Pianist, USA)
383. Shukriu Edi (Poet, Kosovo)
384. Simonnand Marie laurence (President, "Children of Chernobyl" France)
385. Simonsuuri, (Vice President, Penclub, Finland)
386. Smolar Alexandre (CNRS, Poland)
387. Sobel Alain (Professor of Medicine, France)
388. Sokol Jan (Philosopher, CZ.)
389. Sokolova Sofia (Writer, Russia)
390. Sollers Philippe (Writer, France)
391. Sontag Susan (Writer USA)
392. Sontheimer Kurt (Political Scientist, Germany)
393. Sopi Agim (Theater Director, Kosovo)
394. Sora Mihai (Philosopher, Romania)
395. Sorin Raphael,( Editor, France)
396. Sorokine Sonia and Viktor (Journalists France/Russia)
397. Souvorov Viktor (Writer Russia)
398. Soubiratz Joan (Political Scientist, France)
399. Spinelli Barbara (Editor, Italy.)
Staeck Klaus (Professor Germany)
400. Stavalde Maler (Theater Director Germany)
401. Stavileci Esat (Lawyer, Kosovo)
402. Stavileci Masar (University Professor. Pristina, Kosovo)
403. Suran Isabelle (Actress, Germany)
404. Surroï Vandon, (Director."Kohaditore", Kosovo)
405. Survilla Ivonka (Writer, Belarus)
406. Sverstiuk Evgueni (Writer, Ukraine)
407. Svandov Felix (PENclub Russia)
408. Stevanovic Vidosav (Writer, Serbia)
409. Tanase Stelian (Writer, Romania)
410. Tanguy François (Theater Director. France)
411. Tarto Enn (MP, Estonia)
412. Taufer Veno (Penclub, Slovenia)
413. Tavernier Bertrand (Filmmaker, France)
414. Tazartes Ghedalia (Composer, France)
415. Thaci Hilmi (Sociologist, Kosovo)
416. Tcherkassov Alexandre (Engineer, Russia)
417. Thalbach Katharina(Actress ,Germany)
418. Theureau Jacques (Researcher, France)
419. Thom Françoise (Historian, France)
420. Tkachenko Alexandre (Penclub Russia)
421. Torner Carles (Penclub Spain)
422. Truls lie (Editor in Chief, "Morgenbladand", Norway)
423. Tselkov Oleg (Painter, Russia)
424. Tufan Mesut (Filmmaker, Turkey)
425. Urban Jan ("Civic Forum", Czech Republic)
426. Uzun Mehmed (Kurdish Writer, Sweden)
427. Vachagaev Mayrbek (Historian, Chechnya)
428. Vahtre Lauri (MP Estonia)
429. Vaksberg Arkady (PEN club, Russia)
430. Valcarcel dario (Director."Politica exterior" Spain)
431. Velliste Trivimi (former Minister, Estonia)
432. Vernant Jean Pierre (Historian, France)
433. Vidal Naquand (Historian, France)
434. Vitale Serena (Writer, Italy )
435. Vodopivec Pander (Penclub, Slovenia)
436. Vranezi Nait (Psycologist, Kosovo)
437. Wei Jing Sheng (China)
438. Wallon Emmanuel (Professor, France)
439. Walther Joachim (Writer, Germany)
440. Wickihalder Jürg (Composer, Switzerland)
441. Wiesel Elie (Nobel Prize winner, USA)
442. Winkler Heinrich August (Historian, Germany.)
443. Winkler Angela (Actress, Switzerland)
444. Wisniak Nicole (Editor, France)
445. Yannakakis Ilyos (Historian, France)
446. Zuhldorff Volkmar (Writer, Germany)
447. Zülch Tilman (President "People in Distress", Germany)