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Dispatches from Chechnya

Dispatches from Chechnya is an information bulletin published from 2000 to 2005 in Russian and English that provided vivid first-hand reports on the humanitarian and human rights crises in Chechnya and the refugee camps from correspondents reporting on-the-ground. The first 21 issues were published by IDEE in cooperation with the Lam Center for Pluralism; issues 22-35 were published by IDEE in cooperation with the LATTA Center for Pluralism. All 34 issues were  prepared for publication in Russian by Lecha Ilyasov. IDEE provides the editions in English through the links below.

ARCHIVES: 2000-2005

(full archives in MSWord)

Still in Ruins: The Situation in Chechnya: 2005
No. 34, January-June 2005

Little Hope for Positive Change
Issue No. 33 May 2004

Critical in All Aspects
Issue No. 32 March 2004

Before the World's Eyes
Issue No. 31 May 2003

People's Hope has been Erased
Issue No. 30 April 2003

The Circumstances of Never-Ending war
Issue No. 29 March 15, 2003

Fading Hopes
Issue No. 28 February 12, 2003

Chechnya in the Russian Press
Issue No. 27 February 4, 2003

Even "Normalization" is Halted
Issue No. 26 February 4, 2003

Russian Media’s Deceptive Illusion of Peace in Chechnya
Issue No. 25 June 13, 2002

Optimism for Human Rights Improvement in Chechnya is Incomprehensible
Issue No. 24 June 6, 2002

A Deluge of Russian Troops in Grozny as the Humanitarian Disaster Grows More Dire
Issue No. 23 April 19, 2002

The Russian Military’s Special Operation in the Village of Tsotsin-Yurt
Issue No. 22 February 27, 2002

From Under the Rubble: Grozny, January 2002
Issue No. 21 January 21, 2002

Lawlessness Rules in Chechnya
Issue No. 20 December 31, 2001

Special Report: Lam Survey on Living Conditions in Chechnya
Issue No. 19 October 23, 2001

The Humanitarian Situation in Shatoi
Issue No. 18 October 12, 2001

Russia’s Ultimatum and its Consequences for Chechnya
Issue No. 17 October 10, 2001

The War in Chechnya is not Over
Issue No. 16 September 17, 2001

Current Conditions in the Chechen Republic
Issue No. 15 July 16, 2001

The Situation in Grozny Worsens
Issue No. 14 July 9, 2001

Chechen Refugees in Ingushetia
Issue No. 13 June 15, 2001

The Fate of Chechnya’s Architectural and Natural Treasures
Issue  No. 12 May 25, 2001

Colleges and Universities in the Chechen Republic (1994-2001)
Issue No. 11 April 16, 2001

The Humanitarian Situation in the village of Proletarskoye (Grozny Region)
Issue No. 10 April 2, 2001

The Humanitarian Situation in the Chechen Regions of Shatoi, Sharoi and Itum-Kale
Issue No. 9 March 1, 2001

Survey Shows Chechens not Receiving Sufficient Aid
Issue No. 8 February 15, 2001

Chechens Support Secular Government; Believe Maskhadov Government Should 
Represent Chechnya in Negotiations with Russians
Issue  No. 7

The Humanitarian Situation in the Mountainous Regions of Chechnya
Issue No. 6 January 15, 2001

Humanitarian Organizations in Chechnya and Ingushetia
Issue No. 5 December 1, 2000

The Status of Libraries in the Chechen Republic
Issue No. 4 November 13, 2000

Home is a Tent or a Railroad Car
Issue No. 3 October 15, 2000

The Consequences of War for Education and Culture in Chechnya
Issue No. 2 September 29, 2000

Devastated By War, Chechnya’s Civilian Population Faces Approaching Winter
Issue No. 1, September 2000


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