Uncaptive Minds

Index of Articles by Issue
(vols. 1-9, 34 issues)

April-May 1988 vol. 1, no.1
Statement of Purpose
What Do We Want?
Crisis Requires Action: Beszelo's "Social Contract" Program
Remarks on "The Social Contract"
Human Rights Is Not Enough. An Interview with Gaspar Miklos Tamas
It Is Not Hopeless If You Demand. An Interview with Miklos Haraszti
Inconnu: The Fighting Artists
December 10 Demonstration: On UN Human Rights Day
The 31 Demands: The Church Speaks Out
Letter From Cardinal Tomasek
The Only Catholic Seminary
Ivan Polanski Imprisoned
Situation of Political Prisoners
Pavel Wonka
Solidarity With the Romanian People
Charter 77 Forum
Breaking Out into Normality. An Interview with Wladyslaw Frasyniuk
Statement of the Mazowsze Region
Price Increases Ahead of Us...
The Laughing Oppositionists: Orange Alternative
March 1968: 20 Years Later
We Grew Up in a Hurry. An Interview with Jakub Karpinski
The Official Press on March 68

June-July-August 1988, vol.1, no.2
The Gdansk Shipyard Strike
Solidarity and Social Agreements. An Interview with Bronislaw Geremek
Jaruzelski Doesn't Need Us. An Interview with Leopolita
Letter to a Solidarity Activist by Jacek Trznadel
The Strategy Is to Keep Pressing. An Interview with Wiktor Kulerski
Stalinism in One Country An Interview with Mihai Botez
Skepticism and Hope by Vaclav Havel
Czechoslovak Underground Culture
Making Problems for the State. An Interview with Jan Urban
Beyond the Dissident Ghetto
The Death of Pavel Wonka
Independent Publishing. An Interview with Gabor Demszky
March 15 Speeches
Not Waiting for Gorbachev. (Estonia) An Interview with Tiit Madisson
Soviet Union
Struggle for Change, Reaction to Change (Soviet Union)

September-October 1988, vol.1, no.3
Teheran, Warsaw, Praque by Jakub Karpinski
Civil Society During the "Praque Spring" by Vilem Precan
Charter 77 and Political Change by Vaclav Benda
Barter and Theft
Polansky Sentenced
Navratil Ordered to Psychiatric Hospital
Ukraine under Gorbachev by Taraz Kuzio
To Save a Culture. An Interview with Mykola Rudenko
Baltic Republics
Between Anti-Stalinism and Anti-Communism by Josef Darski
Opposition as Self-Defense. An Interview with Heiki Ahoen
Polish Independent Culture by Jacek Federowicz
Romanian Appeal to Polish Society
Against Everything That Surrounds Him. An Interview with Janusz Szpotanski
Why the Spring Strikes Didn't Succeed
Interview with Gyorgy Konrad (Hungary)

November -December 1988, vol.1, no.4
Modern Machiavelli or the Jester and the Prince by Jakub Karpinski
Jerzy Urban's Letter to the First Secretary
The Polish August of 1988
The Party Reshuffles Its Deck by Viktor Kulerski
Wiktor Kulerski on American Aid
On the Talks That Never Were by Maciej Zalewski
Solidarity's Round Table
Krakow International Human Rights Conference
Romania: The Grim Island of Sounth-Eastern Europe by Helmut Frauendorfer
Why Must I Be Grateful? by Sergei Grigoryants
The Sickness of Law by Jan Maria Rokita
Fear No More! by Lenka Prochazkova
Landscape Before a Battle? by Jan Urban
Reaching Out to the New Generation. An Interview with Jiri Ruml
Not a Prophet but an Optimist. An Interview with Vaclav Maly
Letter of 271 Czechoslovak Citizens
Independence for Armenia. Press Conference with Paruir Airikyan

January-February 1989, vol.2, no.1 (5)
Hungary in 1989: The Transition to a Post-Communist Society? An Interview with Miklos Haraszti
The Republican Circle
To Speak Your Mind. An Interview with Tamas Mikes
March 15, A Day of National Celebration by Gabor Demeszky
Let Opposition Be Opposition by Jakub Karpinski
Political Tactics and Political Instincts by Wiktor Kulerski
Economic Reform and Economic Policy by Stefan Kurowski
The Polish University Today. An Interview with Barbara Stanosz
Independent Culture: An Overview
Vaclav Havel's Speech on International Human Rights Day
The Life of Opposition. An Interview with Martin Palous
Obstacles To Private Enterprise by Adam Kovac
Behind the Facade of Communist Success. An Interview with Vaclav Benda
East Germany
You Can't Just Sit Around Waiting. An Interview with an East German Oppositionist

March-April 1989, vol.2, no.2 (6)
Hard Bargains at the Round Table by Piotr Stasinski
Voices of the Round Table: Wladyslaw Sila Nowicki, Bronislaw Geremek, Andrzej Gwiazda, Fighting Solidarity, "Independence" Liberal Democratic Party, Dawid Warszawski
As Long As There Is a Censor. An Interview with the Manager of an Underground Printing Shop
Radical Minimalism by Zbigniew Romaszewski
Democracy for All. Manifesto of the Movement for Civil Liberties
Spiritual Renewal: A Way Out of Crisis? by Vaclav Benda
The Future Is Everyone's Responsibility. An Interview with Three Activists of the Independent Peace Initiative
Teritorial Systematization or Systematic Terror?: The Destruction of Romania's Villages by John Reed
Reform and Nationalism: Two Responses to the Crisis of Communist Power in Yugoslavia by Jozef Darski
High and Dry, East and West by G.M. Tamas
To Burke or to Jefferson by Eric Chenoweth

May-June-July 1989 vol.2, no.3 (7)
Round-Table Interviews: Legitimizing the Communists? An Interview with Teresa Bugucka, Wojciech Gielzynski, and Andrzej Oseka
If. . .  by Ewa Szumanska
Why Is There So Much Skepticism? An Interview with Leopolita
Elections to the Opposition, Elections to the Coalition by Karol Modzelewski
Winning the Elections: What It Means, What It WIll Take by Jan Maria Rokita
Boykott the Elections by Kornel Morawiecki
The Temptation of Independent Culture by Andrzej Oseka
No Round-Table Talks with the Government An Interview with Balint Magyar
The Effects of the Latest Price Increases by Ottilia Solt
What Does the Hungarian Nation Demand?
Speaking One's Mind: A Reflection on Vaclav Havel and His Ideas by Milan Simecka
With One Foot in Jail by Jachym Topol
Prisoners of Conscience in Czechoslovakia
The January 89 Demonstrations: A Photo Reportage
Where Policemen Outnumber Pigeons An Interview with Mircea Dinescu
Destroying for a Bright and Shining Future by Jerzy Lewski
None Flew Over the Ceausescu Nest: Psychiatric Repression in Romania by Dr.Ion Vianu
What Good Did Petar Manolov's Hunger Strike Do?
The Man from Sajudis. An Interview with Arunas Degutis
A Difficult Start An Interview with a Byelorussian Activist

August-September-October 1989, vol.2, no. 4(8)
The Polish Kaleidoscope of 1989
The Manifesto of the Alliance Across Divisions
Sovietology on the Walls and in the Classroom by Jakub Karpinski
"Down with the Komuna." Responses compiled by Grazyna Zwolinska
From the Underground to the Sejm. An Interview with Wiktor Kulerski
Economic Crisis, Economic Reform. An Interview with Janusz Beksiak and List of Economic Statistics
We Cannot Fold Our Arms and Wait for a Biological Catastrophe. A Discussion
Protest Against the Massacre of Chinese Studen.t Photographs from Warsaw, Praque, and Budapest
Budapest, June 16 by Irena Lasota
Victor Orban's Speech at the Reburial of Imre Nagy
FIDESZ: The Next Generation. An Interview with Gabor Fodor
A Year Later. An Interview with Gabor Demeszky
Not Without Us, Not With Them by Janos Kis
A Few Remarks: A Declaration
Is the Time Ripe? by Jan Ruml
Pluralism? What Kind of Pluralism? A Conversation with Rudolf Battek
The East European Information Agency  An Interview with Petr Uhl and Jan Urban
That's Something You Don't Forget  An Interview with Zenon Pazniak

November-December 1989 vol.2, no.5(9)
A Referendum on Democracy. (Hungary) An Interview with Balint Magyar

Tadeusz Mazowiecki's Speech
Enfanchisement of the Nomenklatura by Jacek Tarkowski, Jerzy Szperkowicz, and Janusz Lipinski
Dilemmas of the Transition Period by Wojtek Lamentowicz
Strategies of Survival and Democratization. An Interview with Jerzy Wertenstein-Zulawski
Appeal to Independent Publishers
Repression in Czechoslovakia
Milos Jakes Speaks Out. Excerpts from a secretly taped speech
Tales from the August 21st Demonstration. An Interview with Petr Payne and Stanislav Penc
The Parallel Polis After Twelve Years by Martin Palous
The Church: A Growing Threat to the Authorities. An Interview with Father Vaclav Maly
The Beginning of Spring in Bulgaria by Wladyslaw Warenski
Soviet Union
The Tower of Babel (Soviet Union) by Jan Doktor
Political Samizdat in Moscow by Sergei Grigoyants

January-February 1990 vol.3 no.1(10)
Vaclav Havel's New Year's Address
What We Want: Civic Forum's Basic Program
The Revolution in the Printer's Ink by Jachym Topol
"We Are The People": The Revolution in East Germany by Melvin Croan
Baltic Countries:
Breaking Away: The Estonian Political Scene in 1989. An Interview with Tunne Kelam
Our Goal Is to Restore Latvian Independence. An Interview with Ivars Godmanis
We Are Helping Ourselves. An Interview with Kazimieras Uoka
Soviet Union
The Two Faces of Perestroika. An Interview with Sergei Grigoryants
Romanian Revolution Photos by Krzysztof Miller
A Revolution Hijacked by Juliana Pilon
The Message of the "Four Yeses" by Janos Kis
The Sejm Since the June 1989 Elections by Teresa Bogucka
There's More Here Than Meets the Eye by Jadwiga Staniszkis

March-April 1990 vol. 3 no. 2(11)
Roads to Freedom: Democratization and Its Problems in East Central Europe by Sir Ralf Gustav Dahrendorf
The Dispute About the General by Marcin Sulkowski
Dictators Do Not Like Photojournalist An Interview with Tomasz Kizny
Poland, Another Argentina? An Interview with Sir Alan Walters
Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity. An Interview with Zbigniew Janas
The City of Lodz, a Working-Class Hell by Urszula Doroszewska
Was the Gentle Revolution Too Gentle? by Ivan Lamper
The Danger of the June Elections by Jan Ruml
A Complex Road to Independence. An Interview with Mykhaylo Osadchy
Once More About Populists and Urbanists by Ferenc Fejto
Ecoglasnost. An Interview with Dimitrina Petrovna
We Must Play a Political Role. An Interview with Todor Gagalov
Evner's Orphans by Zbigniew Mikolejko
Learning from the Lithuanians by George P. Bayliss
Ethnic Diversity - Weakness or Wealth? An Interview with Irakli Shengevaya
Central Asia
The Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union by Zbigniew Mikolejko

May-June 1990 vol.3 no.3(12)
The Lessons of Communism by Eric Chenoweth
The Timisoara Proclamation
The Front and Its Critics Photographs by Krzysztof Miller
An Open Letter to the Government by Doina Cornea
The Romanian Elections: A Dangerous Victory by Octavian Paler
I Never Felt Like a Heroine. An Interview with Mariana Celac
The Doctor Who Exploited His Patient's Illness. An Interview with Gabriel Liiceanu
An Appeal to Our Scroundels by Gabriel Liiceanu
Golani (Hooligans) Photographs by Irena Lasota
The Free Democrats Before and After the Elections. (Hungary) An Interview with Janos Kis
Czechoslovak Referendum on Democracy by Martin Weiss
Slavery in a Newly Free State by Jachym Topol
Poland, Communism, Opposition by Jakub Karpinski
The Free Market and Cultural Freedom by Andrzej Oseka
Dangers and Tasks on the Road to Democracy by Maciej Strembosz
The Red Plague: Illness and Cure by Urszula Doroszewska
No More Games. An Interview with Egidijus Meilunas
Soviets Go Home! Photographs from Vilnius
The Texts of Independence
Soviet Union
The Enthusiasts' Highway by Agata Tuszynska

August-September-October 1990 vol.3 no.4(13)
Nationality Conflicts in Central and Eastern Europe by Jozef Darski
A Suburb of the Empire by Alain Besancon
Dear Alain Besanson by Adam Michnik
In Response to Adam Michnik by Alain Besanson
The Spiral of Hostility by Jacek Salij
An Analysis of the Romanian Election by Mihnea Berindei and Ariadna Combes
The Miners in Bucharest: Photographs
Protest by the Student League
Declaration of the Group for Social Dialoque
One Hundred Days That Didn't Shake the World  by Andras Vagvolgyi
The New Czechslovak Foreign Policy by Alexandr Kramer
Aging Velvet by Martin Weiss
The Crisis of Civic Forum by Jan Urban
Ahmed Dogan and the Bulgarian Turks by Eric Flandrin
Soviet Union
The Coal Miners: Spearheead of the Soviet Working Class by Ilona Kiss
Where Communism Is Dying of Radiation Sickness (Byelorussia) by Dorota Macieja
Estonia Is Short of Cash by Alexander Kropiwnicki

November-December 1990 vol.3 no.5(14)
Soviet Union
From a Mob to a Nation. A Discussion with Four Activists from the Democratic Opposition
We're Still Playing With Our Toys. An Interview with Alexander Podrabinek
The Tatars Against the Empire. An Interview with Rafael Farkiievich Mukhametdinov
The War Against the Azer Popular Front. An Interview with Tofik Gasymo
Catholics, Orthodox, Uniates, and Others by Antoni Popieszalski
Escaping from Communism... with the Communists. An Interview with Maciej Jankowski

Reorienting the Security Services. An Interview with Petruska Sustrova
Slovak Separatism: How Strong? What the August Celebrations Reveal
The Difficult Return to Normality by Jakub Karpinski
Lech Walesa: The Sphinx from Gdansk by Piotr Wierzbicki
Who and What Makes a Leader by Karol Modzelewski
The Day After by Barbara Spinelli

Spring 1991 vol.4.no.1(15)
The Country Without Friends. (Azerbaijan) An Interview with Tadeusz Swietochowski
Moscow's Game Plan Has Failed. An Interview with Francois Thom
The Ukrainian Piedmonst. An Interview with Vyacheslav Chornovil
History Is Working to Our Advantage, but Very Slowly.  An Interview with Yevchen Proniuk
Nothing More in Common by Christine von Kohl
The System Remains Unchanged by Sergei Baruh
Timisoara Is Different. An Interview with George Serban
The Declaration of the Civic Alliance
Kadarism Without Communists by Janos Csillag
Civic Forum: The End of the Beginning by Martin Weiss
The Files Weren't Destroyed by Stanislav Devaty
No Democracy Without Proven Elites by Rafal Grupinski
Trade With the Soviets: Veiled Exploitation? An Interview with Edmund Krasowski and Czeslaw Nowak
Unemployment: The New Threat by Urszula Doroszewska
The Dangerous Ministry by Jan Polkowski and Ryszard Terlecki
 Justice Is Not Revenge by Andrzej Gwiazda
The President's Mistake by Karol Modzelewski
Is a New Revolution in the Making? by Juri Levada, Leonid Sedov, and Lev Timofeev

Summer 1991 vol.4 no.2(16)
Region: Lustration
Files into Ashes by Jakub Karpinski
Collaborators Revealed: The Parliamentary Commission's Report
An Exceptioanlly Delicate Matter by Marta Miklaszewska
After Danubegate by Zoltan Lovas
No Other Choice. An Interview with Vytautas Landsbergis
The Case Against Compensation by Victor Orban
Political Differentiation During the Democratic Transition by Jozsef Szajer
Building a Market Economy in Hungary by Gabor Demszky
Protecting Human Rights: A Full-Time Job. An Interview with Victor Kogan-Vasny
Russian Politics From Left to Right by Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska
Political Parties in Ukraine by Taras Kuzio
Democracy Without Parties. An Interview with Riho Laanemaae and Mart Nutt
Slovakia: The Power Game by Jozef Darski
Fedor Gal Speaks Out by Benjamin Kuras
The Unfinished Revolution by Martin M. Simecka
The End of Non-Political Politics by Petruska Sustrova
The Communists Are Playing Dead by Jan Urban
I Feel Like a Cop Myself. An Interview with Henryk Majewski
The Bulgarian Opposition: Two Points of View. An Interview with Petar Dertliev and Stefan Savov
Smaranda Enache: A Transylvanian Life by Judith Ingram

Fall 1991 vol.4 no.3(17)
The Forty Years Revolution by Jakub Karpinski
The Conditions for Joining Europe by Rudolf Kucera
Soviet Union
The Triple Scenario by Jozef Darski
We Didn't Defend Gorbachev by Elena Bonner
The Citadel of Communism. An Interview with Vintsuk Vyachorka
From the Spirit of Helsinki to Independence (Ukraine) by Levko Lukyanenko
The Story of Democracy in a Ukrainian Town. An Interview with Bohdan Voloshynsky
A Short History of Liberty (Lithuania) by Egidijus Meilunas
The Kuzbas Miners Seize Their Future. (Russia) An Interview with Alojzy Pietrzyk
The Central Asian National Movements. Interviews with Abdurrakhim Pulatov,  Muhamad Nurdymurad, Sobyetkazy Akatayev, and Zhypar Zheksheyev
I'm Angry An Interview with Vaclav Klaus
Politics Before Economics. An Interview with Jan Ruml
Small-Scale Privatization in Slovakia by Vladimir Krivy, Iveta Radickova, and Miroslav Kuska
Civic Alliance Adds a New Dimension. An Interview with Ana Blandiana
The Uneven Struggle Continues. An Interview with Harry Zimmerman
A Viable Left. An Interview with Karol Modzelewski
The Red and the Black by Barbara Stanosz
The Devastation of Upper Silesia by Hanka Orlewicz-Ricard
Making the Zloty Real by Boguslaw Czarny
The Worsening Situation in Kosovo (Yugoslavia) by David Abraham

Winter 1991-92 vol.4 no.4(18)
The Second Echelon by Francois Thom
Ten Years Later by Eric Chenoweth
Police Agents in the Transition Period by Jozef Darski
Nothing Has Ended Yet. An Interview with Zdzislaw Rurarz
Baltic Republics
Starting Anew Amindst the Rot of the Old. Interviews with Lenart Meri, Valery Kalabugin, Tunne Kelam, Ilmars Bisers, Romualdas Razukas, Aigars Jirgens, Zigmas Vaisvila
The Controversy Over Citizenship in Latvia by Alexei Grigorievs
Politics Does Not Always Have to Be Ethical. An Interview with Jan Carnogursky
The Negotiations Are a Sham. An Interview with Jan Kalvoda
After the Velvet Revolution by Tom Weidlinger
The Roots of the Civil War: Two Views. Interviews with Nodar Gabashvili and Vakhtangi Talakhadze
After the Stand-off by Gregory Freidin
What Kind of Independence by Jan Rozdzynski
The Blues, the Reds, and the Greens by Avram Agov
The First Free Parliament: A Survey of Opinions
A Parody of the Inferno by Constantin Severin

Spring 1992, vol.5 no.1(19)
The Outcasts of Europe (Gypsies) by Josef Kucio
A Fragmented People. An Interview with Nicolaae Gheorghe
Russian Federation
The Cracks in the Russian Federation by Francois Thom
Moscow: February 1992 by Maria Wiernikowska
The Journey to Georgia by Urszula Doroszewska
Quo Vadis Ukraine? by Jozef Darski
Nationalities Issues in Ukraine by Serhiy Naboka
Privatization in Czechoslovakia by Andrzej Jagodzinski
The Town Without Hope by Mariusz Szczygiel
East Germany
The Gauck Commission by Pawel Muller
The Schock of the Past (East Germany) by Hanna Hartwig
The Killing Fields by Mirko Kovac
The Political Struggle and the Press by Judith Ingram

Summer 1992 vol.5 no.2(20)
The Gallant Warrior: In Memoriam Tom Kahn by Eric Chenoweth
Opposition, Dissidents, Democracy by Jakub Karpinski
Plunged into Slaughter. An Interview with Aleksa Djilas
Russian Federation
The Orthodox Church and Politics. An Interview with Father Gleb Yakunin
Liberation before Women's Liberation by Cathy Young
The Professional Extremist. An Interview with Valeria Novodvorskaya
A Visit to Kaliningrad by Krzysztof Kopczynski
Alosha Capone by Wojciech Gorecki
There Will Not Be Civil War by Jan Rozdzynski
In Defense or Offense by Jakub Lapatka
There Has Not Been a Revolution by Andras Kovacs
Why Olszewski's Government Was Doomed by Urszula Doroszewska
I Have Never Been an Pontius Pilate. An Interview with Piotr Wierzbicki
The Post-totalitarian Syndrome by Woktor Kulerski
I Don't Believe the Files Were Falsified. An Interview with Bogdan Borusewicz
The Clean-up Bureau. An Interview with Joachim Gauck
In Memoriam
Roman Zimand ("Leopolita") 1926-1992

Fall 1992 vol.5 no.3(21)
Baltic Republics
Why the Communist Won. An Interview with President Vytautas Landsbergis
Perspectives on Lithuanian Elections
Latvia: An Independent State? by Olgerts Dzenitis
The Russian Army in Latvia by Alexei Grigorievs
Who Will Judge the Party by Alexander Podrabinek
The Democracts Have Missed Their Chance. An Interview with Leonid Batkin
In Search of Symbols (Russia) by Nikolai Klimontovich
Crimea: Whose Country? by Urszula Doroszewska
Reclaiming a Homeland. An Interview with Mustafa Dzhemilev
The Country Without a Nation by Piotr Pacholski
Pacifism Under Pressure by Glenn McDonald
The Death of Czechoslovakkism. An Interview with Ivan Lamper
The Resurgent Right by Judith Ingram
If the Crown Were to Return to Bucharest by Adrian Niculescu
Politicians and the Past  by Jakub Karpinski
Norman Podhoretz and Eric Chenoweth

Winter-Spring 1993 vol.6 no.1(22)
The South Slavs by Jakub Karpinski
Who Started the War? by Piotr Kaminski
When Words Kill by Svetlana Slapsak
Minority Rights in Romania: A Roundtable Discussion
Violence Breeds Violence  by Eva Blenesi
The Media War by Judith Ingram
Czech and Slovak Republics
The Velvet Divorce by Iveta Radicova
Vestiges of Communism and the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia by Emil Komarik
The Inevitable Breakup? by Sona Szomolnyiova
In the Realm of Culture. A Conversation between Vaclav Havel and Miroslav Kusy
The Far Right in the Czech Republic by Thomas Ort
Decommunization of Eastern Europe by Jozef Darski
High Dive Into the Market by Alexi Grigorievs
Russian Federation
Faith and Freedom in the New Russia. An Interview with Stanislaw Opiela, S.J.
A Remnant of the Dalstroy by Jan Rozdzynski
Who Is Fighting Whom? by Urszula Doroszewska

Summer 1993 vol.6 no.2 (23)
Postcommunist Difficulties by Jakub Karpinski
The Strange Case of Bulgaria by Jozef Darski
The Party's Just Begun by Judith Ingram
Emerging Democracy or Religious State? by Barbara Stanosz
The Myth Factory by Marta Miklaszewska
Romania's Minorities:Reconcilable Conflicts? An Historical Perspective by William Totok
A Democratic Road For Slovakia? by Zora Butorova and Martin Butora
Special Survey: Media in Eastern Europe:
The Power of Images (Slovenia) by Mjusa Sever
The Press in War (Croatia) by Vesna Kesic
The Power and the Powerless (Serbia) by Branislav Canak
The Independent Press in Romania by Liviu Man
Pitfalls of the Press (The Czech Republic) by Petruska Sustrova
The Meddler's Itch (Media Laws) by Ronald Koven

Fall 1993 vol.6 no.3(24)
The Moscow Crisis
Between Defeat and Victory (Russia) by Alexander Podrabinek
Did Yeltsin Save Russia for Democracy? by Jozef Darski
The Forgotten Country by Arkady Dubnov
The Forgotten War by Urszula Doroszewska
Baltic Republics
Baltic Politics by Jozef Darski
Problems on Problems. (Estonia) An Interview with Lagle Park
A Bashkir in Estonia. A Conversation with Urszula Doroszewska
The Balkan Wars: Inside Views
A View from Lithuania. An Interview with Vytautas Landsbergis
Missed Opportunities. An Interview with Jazez Jansa
Opposition in Wartime. An Interview with Drazen Budisa
Macedonia Must Be Free. An Interview with Ljupco Geogievski
The Toothless Second Serbia by Roksaanda Ninic
B92: Struggling for Air. A Conversation between Veran Matic and Ivo Skoric
What Went Right in Hungary. An Interview with Bliant Magyar
Towards a Left Victory (Poland) by Jakub Karpinski
Media Survey (cont.)
Waiting It Out (Belarus) by Ronald Koven
Facing the Masses (Slovakia) by Viera Langerova
A Lack of Everything (Ukraine) by Serhiy Naboka

Winter-Spring vol.7 no.1(25)
Bosnia and Hercegovina
The Betrayal of Bosnia
Sarajevo: Model for the Future. An Interview with Suada Kapic
Sarajevo Survival Guide
Why Milosevic Won. An Interview with Miljenko Dereta
Center for Anti-War Action. An Interview with Dubravka Velat
The Ghost Republic by Chris Kutschera
Is Kosovo Next? A Report of the ICFTU
Former Yugoslavia: A Regional Overview
The Politics of Former Yugoslavia: A Regional Overview by Janusz Bugajski
What Happened to Solidarity? by Karol Modzelewski
Four Years is Not Enough. An Interview with Jozsef Szajer
The Caucasus Region
Caucasus Wars by Urszula Doroszewska
We Have Lost Our Honor. An Interview with Akaki Asatiani
The Cossack Revival by Sergiusz Matiunin
Moldava, Past and Present: Why the Communists Won Elections by Liviu Man

Summer 1994 vol.7 no.2 (26)
Roads from Communism by Jakub Karpinski
The Legacy of Dissent by G.M. Tamas
The Road to Citizen by Vytautas Landsbergis
A Dissident's Tale by Gabriel Andreescu
The Return of the Pink Pussycats by Peter Nadori
Still a Long Way to Go  by Taraz Kouzumov
Russian Federation
Eurasianism: A New Russian Foreign Policy by Francoic Thom
Desovietization and Rebolshevisation (Russia) by Francois Thom
Independence After Occupation by Sergei Matiunin
Who Needs a Conflict? A Conversation Between Two Estonians
Where to Go from Here? by Volodymyr Pritula
Why Crimea is Peaceful? An Interview with Mustafa Dzhemilev
The Continuing Tragedy in Tadjikistan. An Interview with Khoji Akbar Turodzonzodo
The Elusive Negotiations by Arkadi Dubnov

Fall-Winter 1994 vol.7 no.3 (27)
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Tuzla: The Last Oasis by Stojan Obradovic
For a Free and Undivided Sarajevo. A Declaration of Circle 99
A Croatian Reichstag Trial: The Case of Dalmation Action by Goran Vezic
Did Dalmatian Action Blow Itself Up? The Official Charges
To Defend Human Rights. An Interview with Tatjana Tagirov
Political Pornography by Eric Chenoweth
To Fill the Void. An Interview with Stojan Obradovic and Goran Vezic
Islam, Democracy, and Tajikistan. An Interview with Davlat Khudonazarov
What Dialogue?  by Abdumannob Polat
The Use and Abuse of Peacekeeping by Jueri Luik
Reasons for Our Success. An Interview with Mart Laar
Czech Republic
Different Legacies of Dissent: In Response to G.M. Tamas. by Petruska Sustrova
A Czech Political Map by Jan Zahradil
One Year After, One Year Before by Krzysztof Leski
Constitutional Patchwork by Jakub Karpinski
The Minority Question by Bela Marko
Russian Federation
Human Rights in Russia by Barbara Polak
The Kovalov Report: A Summary and Analysis (Russia) by Tanya Smith
Which Way Independence? by Jozef Darski

Spring 1995 vol.8 no. 1 (28)
Urgent Action: A Report on the Observance of Human Rights in the Russian-Chechen Conflict by Zbigniew Romaszewski
The War of Gods (Chechnya) by Arkady Dubnov
A Caucasus Without Caucasians. An Interview with Ruslan Bozijev
Chechnya: The Legal Void by Tanya Smith
Russian Federation
Russian Elites by Francois Thom
Yeltsin Deceived Us An Interview with Valeria Novodvorskaya
Oil and Independence by Urszula Doroszewska
The West Doesn't Know. An Interview with Isa Gambar
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Before It's Too Late by Senad Pecanin
Ethnic Division Is a Crime An Interview with Adil Kulenovic
It Is Senseless to Divide Bosnia by Mihajlo Mihajlov
Macedonian Postcommunism by Pajo Avirovic
We Had No Choice An Interview with Petar Gosev
Don't They See? An Interview with Iso Rusi
A Few Observations by Gabriel Andreescu
The Crisis of Opposition by Liviu Man
No Compromise. An Interview with Corneliu Coposu
A Slight Government Crisis by Peter Nadori
At the Crossroads by Michal Horsky

Summer 1995 vol.8 no. 2 (29)
The Withering of the State by Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr.
Hardened to Evil. An Interview with Dzhokhar Dudayev
Why Was Chanturia Killed? by Urszula Doroszewska
Georgian Freeze. Interviews with Nodar Natadze, Ivlian Haindrava, and Dawit Berdzenishvili
The Crimean Deadlock by Volodymyr Prytula
Sevastopol - City of Russian Glory by Urszula Doroszewska
We Prefer Ukraine. An Interview with Nadir Bekirov
Former Yugoslavia
The First Dissident: In Memoriam Milovan Djilas (Yugoslavia) by Mihajlo Mihajlov
Serbs in Croatia: Is There a Way Out? Interviews with Zarko Puhovski and Milorad Pupovac
UDF Memorandum: On the Situation in Bulgaria
Winds of Recommunization. Interviews with Filip Dimitrov, Ivo Indzjev, and Stefan Savov
Next Door To a New Russia. An Interview with Zbugniew Romaszewski
Does Anyone Want to Join NATO? An Interview with Antoni Macierewicz
Russian Federation
The Source of My Hope. An Interview with Ludmilla Alexeyeva

Fall-Winter 1995-1996 vol.8 no.3-4 (30)
The Many Faces of Nationalism by Janusz Bugajski
It is Senseless To Divide: Part II (Bosnia) by Mihajlo Mihajlov
The Croatian Elections: Escaping the Dictatorship by Stojan Obradovic
Learning from Failures. An Interview with Slavko Goldstein
A Europan Model. An Interview with Ivan Jakovic
Will Pluralism Survive Elections? by Mira Ljubic-Lorger
Remember Kosovo? by Julie Mertus
Demanding Democracy. An Interview with Slavko Perovic
Serbian Populism and the Fall of Yugoslavia by Nebojsa Popov
Epilogue. An Interview with Nebojsa Popov
The Serbian Exception by Ognjen Pribicevic
Naked Power. An Interview with Stojan Cerovic
The Renewal of Serbia. A Statement of the Civic Alliance
A Modest Step. An Interview with Vesna Pesic

Winter-Spring 1997 vol. 9 nos.1-2 (31-32)
Central Europe and Appeasement by Geza Jeszenszky
The Cold War and Its End by Jakub Karpinski
Hunger for Europe by Klement Trenchev
Farewell to Postcommunism by David Burgess
The Opposition Takes All by Marian Chiriac
Finally! An Interview with Smaranda Enache and Zsolt Szilagyi
Czech Republic
Welcome to Democracy by Petruska Sustrova
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Standing in Place by Radenko Udovicic
Mostar: A Bosnian Model by Stojan Obradovic
It's Not Peace. An Interview with Sejfudin Tokic
No Easy Answers. An Interview with Miodrag Zivanovic
An Unstable Coalition by Misa Brkic
A New Situation in Kosovo by Mihajlo Mihajlov
The Caucasus
Dominoes in the Caucasus by Johnathan Sunley
A Bitter Lesson by Urszula Doroszewska
I Will Be a Free Man. An Interview with Abulfaz Elchibey
The West's Double Standard. An Interview with Isa Gambar
A Funeral for Democracy by Mikael Danielyan
What Happened to Elections? An Interview with Paruir Hairikyan
Away from Europe? by Vincuk Viacorka
The Afghan Crossing by Arkady Dubnov
What Changes? by Abdumannob Polat
Russian Federation
The New Russian Communism by Maryanne Ozernoy

Summer-Fall 1997 vol.9, nos. 3-4 (33-34)
The Rise of Nationalism in the Former Soviet Union. A Symposium. Kyiv, Ukraine
The Rise of Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe. A Symposium. Trakoscan, Croatia