What People Are Saying About Uncaptive Minds

Uncaptive Minds provides incisive and important updates and analyses on developments in the postcommunist world. In doing so, it very often breaks new ground and anticipates issues of genuine political and ideological significance. I certainly hope that Uncaptive Minds will continue to appear.

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Professor of American Foreign Policy
School for Advanced International Studies,
Johns Hopkins University

The facility and lack of notice with which totalitarianism collapsed, and the depth of the marks it left behind, lead to an appreciation of the continuing relevance of the quarterly Uncaptive Minds. It is needed because there are still ever many, many minds captive to a past or future totalitarianism, and because we need to understand better both how the old walls were brought down and how new ones can be prevented. Uncaptive Minds does this excellently, by giving a voice, amid the West's growing indifference, to those in the East who continue the same fight under new regimes, and by giving us the most original and accurate analysis currently available.

Pierre Hassner
Research Director, Centre d'Etudes
et de Recherches Internationales

Uncaptive Minds covers the enormous diversity of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in an up-to-date way, regularly giving a platform to interesting people living in the target area and presenting its material in ways accessible to a wide audience. It is the only journal I know of that does all these things.

Peter Reddaway
Professor of Political Science, George Washington University
former director, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies

At a time when some of the leading journals in the field have disappeared, while others have become (or remained) strictly academic, Uncaptive Minds has been consistently the most interesting journal on Eastern Europe.

Walter Laqueur