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Centers for Pluralism Newsletter
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    The Centers for Pluralism Newsletter emerged out of the first CfP meeting in Warsaw in 1993. Its articles, information on NGOs, and address listing of the CfP Network became a widely used resource throughout the region and a model for other language versions, including a Russian version published by Karta/Ryazan Memorial Center for Pluralism, a Ukrainian version put out by the Institute for Statehood and Democracy, and Azeri, Belarusan, and Mongolian versions published by Inam, Supolnasc, and the Democracy Education Center (DEMO) respectively. Others used the CfP Newsletter as a model. Altogether these publications have benefited thousands of NGOs throughout the region. The last issue, No. 28, of the Centers for Pluralism Newsletter (English edition) was published in 2004. Issues 19-28 may be accessed through the links below. For links to other language editions and other publications of Centers for Pluralism, go to the Publications page. For more information, write to: Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE), 1718 M Street, NW, No. 148, Washington, D.C. 20036 or by email to  [email protected].

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